Question for the Community

This place has been inactive for a long, long time (before The O.C. series finale, there was one post in March 2006, then a gap back to September 2005).

Is anybody still getting any use out of the backlog of links?

I've heard the show will be airing on one of the soap opera channels soon, which might bring a new influx of viewers, but will episode reviews from the first time 'round be sought? I'm certain some of the collected links are dead - journals deleted or gone friends-locked. My inclination is to delete the community, but if I'm told there's still value here, I'll keep it around.

If I haven't heard anything by April 15th, I'll delete (and no, this isn't any sort of April Fool's joke, just something I've been pondering for quite a while).

Kickin' it old school

Post links to your reaction to The O.C. finale here.

Mine. With many tears.

Reflections on the series as a whole - come over and share your favorite memories.

A Zach Manifesto

Wasn't sure if this was the right place to put this... but it's definitely an analysis and definitely something I'd never throw to the wolves who tend to peer around at TWOP, so...

[ profile] the_rocklobster discusses Zach Stevens, in depth.

Linky winky

For some real-time commentary and observations on The End of Innocence - OC Season 3, Episode 3 - check my earlier efforts out .

ETA - an actual http address that went somewhere...

(no subject)

General incoherent ranting on the show and why I'm giving up on it. The bulk of it is in the comments. This is mostly the ranting of a heartbroken teenie, so forgive the lack of focus, grammar, or eloquency.

The End of Innocence

I wonder if they had Don Henley in mind?

[ profile] maudgonne on her difficulties with Ryan this episode.

[ profile] mswalter thought it was horrible television.

[ profile] overnighter does her usual sterling job of judging the good, the bad, and the ugly.

[ profile] crimsonclad has suggestions on how to improve the quality of the conflicts.

And lastly, [ profile] thepouncer kind of liked it.

As always, please post any links you see around LJ related to the episode or the characters.

Season opener - a couple of thoughts

As per [ profile] thepouncer's recommendation, here's my thoughts about the season premiere. I'm not promising any amazing revelations, mind you. You've been warned.

O.C. Meta To Date

I've been sadly remiss about posting links, because life has been insane lately. So, better late than never?

Season Premiere

Overnighter on the aftermath.

Callmesandy's reactions.

Numero Dos

Again, Overnighter


I join Elzed in the disbelief over Rosa's disappearance.

If you've seen anyone else discussing the episodes or the characters, please post links!

Nana and The Showdown

I didn't see much discussion of the double-header last week, and wasn't inspired to write anythign of my own. If you've spotted something, be sure to link to it here.

[ profile] elzed discusses The Return of the Nana and The Showdown.

[ profile] overnighter details her issues.

[ profile] callmesandy calls shenanigans.

2-20 The OC Confidential

Some thoughts about yesterday's episode (which is really today's, for me, but hey, what do you care?)

Find them just about here, follow this link.

The Rager

[ profile] torchthisnow liked Zach and Julie, at least.

[ profile] callmesandy provided real-time reactions.

[ profile] overnighter lists good and bad points.

[ profile] thepouncer was delighted by the Atwood angst.

And if you missed it, [ profile] overnighter also had a great comparison of the pacing shown in The O.C. and Veronica Mars, and explains why the latter show has done it much better than the former. That includes spoilers for the most recent episode of Veronica Mars at the end, FYI.

Take your pick - 2.18 and 2.19. Late thoughts

If you want a skim through some musings about recent episodes of the OC, here's the links to what I made of the latest: 2-19. The Rager. And while we're at it, this is whatI wrote earlier about: 2-18. The Risky Business

The Risky Business

[ profile] callmesandy discusses the latest episode.

[ profile] thepouncer talks about Trey and Ryan's relationship and what it demonstrates.

I haven't seen much post-episode discussion - if you spot anything else, please link it here!

Episode rants - 2.16 and 2.17 - two for the price of one.

In the past week or so, I spouted a mini rant about The Blaze of Glory; and some more developed analysis (especially of that fight scene) about The Brothers Grim, if anyone is interested. Thumbnail summary? Liked both - Ryan centric, with either hot Ryan, or angsty Ryan. or shoving Ryan, or punching Ryan. All of which are among my favourite things.

Thoughts on a character spoiler

[ profile] overnighter discusses her excitement at a certain character's introduction this week. If you saw last week's promo, you know who she means. Includes speculation on what this will mean for the regulars.