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The O.C. Meta Discussion Society

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Name:The O.C. Meta Discussion Society
Posting Access:All Members
If you have any questions, suggestions, or requests, please e-mail the community moderator, thepouncer . Please include "ocmeta" in subject line, thanks!

All content in this community should be considered copyrighted by the individual community members, and as such any/all unauthorized duplication or publication without their consent is prohibited.

This community collects links to reviews, commentary, and analysis of The O.C., that show you love about the denizens of Newport Beach, California. The O.C. Meta Discussion Society is intended to be a place for Adults to talk about The O.C., and membership must be approved by the moderator. Please respect all varieties of fans, including those who want to see heterosexual or homosexual subtext.

- Post links to interesting things on LJ! Don't actually post or re-post here. Entries will be added to the comm's memories section regularly so you can find old posts.

- Feel free to link to your own reviews or whatever. They don't have to be the most insightful works ever, as long as they're on-topic.

- The links don't have to be to things you've personally written, as long as the original poster is fine with you placing a link here. Discussions that take place in LJ comments threads are also good.

- To make it easier to catalogue the 'memories,' it helps if you post each link in a separate post with a subject line like so "example on This Random Thing Here"

-Other The O.C. communities on LiveJournal include: the_oc, oc_news, theoc_fiction, theoc_slash, and the_oc_100. Visit the official show website.

(Concept inspired by mutant_allies, metagate, and bus_riders)
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